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How do I generate the ETI History Export?

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Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional: A Guide to extract the ETI History Export


The ETI History Report exports all information saved on the ETI History Screen to Excel. This export will allow you to sort and filter data to reconcile you ETI values.

This guide will assist you to run the export.


Step 1

Access you company

Step 2

Select Interfaces, Exports data, ETI History Export

Step 3


Selection option for the Employment Tax Incentive Export:

Step 4

Select Export to create the export file

  • You will received a message 'File successfully created' message with the number of employee records exported.

Step 5

Confirm if you want to save the file to Excel

  • This is recommended, in case you need to make changes and import the file again
  • Select Yes to continue and save the file in Excel, or No to save the file in CSV format


Step 6

Download file

  • The file will be downloaded to your local computer, based on the settings of your browser
  • If the file does not start downloading immediately, select "click here" onscreen.
  • Ensure that pop-ups are not blocked for the site




Step 7

Locate and open file with Excel

  • Select to Enable editing and content (if prompted)
  • The file can be opened in Excel and will display all exported data as per the ETI History of each employee included in the export
  • You can select to activate filters as per column headings, if you want to review selected date. In Excel, select the first row which includes the headings), click on Data, and select Filter



 Watch a short video on how to export the ETI History report