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How does the passwords work when generating my IRP5/IT3a report?

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Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional: This article discuss how the passwords setup in your payroll companies affect the export when generating the report for multiple companies


When you run the IRP5/IT3a Report, there will be 3 PDF documents that will open:

  • IRP5/IT3a Reconciliation Report
  • IRP5/IT3a Summary Report
  • IRP5/IT3a Certificates

If you have selected to password protect, follow the guide below of how the passwords will work if generating the report for multiple companies.

The passwords for the IRP5/IT3a reports depend on how your PDF password is setup in the companies

  • If all your companies in the Multiple Company Run use the layout on the Reports and Maintenance menu: Select Reports, Reports and Maintenance, PDF Setup


Passwords will work as follow:

  • Validation report: This will use the password of the company you are standing in
  • IRP5/IT3a Reconciliation and Summary: This will use the password of the FIRST company on the list of multiple companies
  • IRP5/IT3a Certificates: This will use the password of the LAST company on the list of multiple companies

The report files are saved in the company number which password you are going to use, as the three 1st characters of the filename. The best would be to look at the filename, to know what password you need to use.

If you use the passwords set on the Company Miscellaneous 5 screen


Passwords will work as follow:

Validation, IRP5/IT3 reports and certificates, will use the password on the Company Miscellaneous screen of the company it was generated from. See example below

 Company number  Password setup
 002  Use passwords as on Company Miscellaneous
 003 Use passwords as on Company Miscellaneous
Scenario: The user prints the IRP5 reports and certificates from Company 002. The IRP5 Validation report, Recon, Summary and certificates will use the password for company 002


It will therefore be important to know how the setup is on each of the companies, when generating the certificates and reports.

The other option is to remove the password on these reports

A work-around:

When you do the IRP5 run for multiple companies and it still does not accept the PDF password:

  • This should only be done by the super-user, and not be communicated to all users.
  • Make a backup of all data
  • Make print screens of the PDF user setup and Company Miscellaneous screen Tab 5 for each company that needs to be included in the IRP5 run.
  • Then delete the and .vix as well as and .vix of each company (xxx equals company number)
  • Access each company and access the Company Miscellaneous screen Tab 5, to recreate the PDF setup
  • It will then use the default setup using the user password for the company. Other changes can be made according to the print screens.