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Reinstating employee on Maternity Leave

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This guide will assist you in reinstating an employee from Maternity Leave in Sage Pastel Payroll.


In the incident when you need to reinstate an employee from Maternity Leave whom was terminated as they did not receive any payment for the duration of the leave.


  1. Navigate to Process, Payslips.
  2. Navigate to the employs in Question
  3. Select the Reinstate button:Image
  4. The system will display a message stating; “Are you Sure you want to reinstate this employee?” – you will click on Yes
  5. The system will now bring up the Reinstate Employee message, select the “Reinstate the employee’s current Masterfile” option and click on ok. Please note that we reinstate on the current mastefile because the employee is still active in the company but not on payroll as they have not received income for the duration of the maternity leave.
  6. After reinstating the masterfile, the employee’s status will now be ‘not processed’ for the period.
  7. Then you will proceed to the leave tab to update the employees annual leave. Please note that the leave days of the employee must be adjusted as they did not accrue annual leave days because of the termination.
    1. Navigate to this employees Edit, Employee Masterfile
    2. Click on the leave tab
    3. Calculate the days that this lady was on leave on for. Eg. If your cycle leave entitlement is 15 days, you should accrue 1.25 days per month (Cycle Leave Entitlement divided by the periods in the tax year). If the employee was on maternity leave for 3 months then she should have accrued 3.75 days (1.25 * 3months)
    4. After calculating this value, add this amount to the opening balance of the code 0001. This will increase the amount for the days due

NOTE: It is normal for the PAYE of an employee returning from maternity leave to be a negative amount, it usually reverses some PAYE in the month that they return from maternity leave and could reflect as a zero value or a smaller amount for the next few months before starting to re-calculate again.  You can read more regarding this on our Sage City Post.