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Error 75 - Creating the Copy Company

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Sage Pastel Payroll: Error 75 is a permissions error and when it occurs when creating the Copy Company, it might be that the directory where the copy is made doesn't have the correct permissions.


  1. Please access the company data that is on the server pc. e.g. X:\Demo
  2. Right click on the Company and go to Properties.
  3. Untick Read only on properties for this company.
  4. Select Security and ensure that all the Group or User names have full control permissions.
  5. Select Apply

NOTE: Please ensure that there are no old backups or .zip files in your company

If the error persists, continue with the below steps:

  1. Please copy the company data base on to the workstations local disk c:\Payroll folder.
  2. Open Payroll, Go to Utility…. Manage Server.
  3. Select Add Company.
  4. Browse for the company folder that you have coped into the Payroll folder.
  5. Select on the yellow folder and select OK.
  6. Your company will be reflected. Select Close.
  7. Select FileOpen.
  8. Select on your company and select OK.
  9. You can now start again with the Year end process and select to create a copy company.

If the error persists, please see this guide to create the copy company manually.