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Tax Total 4582 is required if Tax Total 3701 has a value

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Employee has a Travel Allowance transaction code 5501, or a custom Travel Allowance transaction that was created and processed on the payslip but no benefit transaction 6026 was processed or 6026 has been overwritten to have a zero value.


  1. Run the Monthly Analysis report only for the specific employee.
  2. Filter for the employee that you are receiving the exception for to make sure they are displayed on the left
  3. In the print to drop down you can select Screen
  4. Leave the from transaction field empty
  5. Enter the ZZZZ in the too transaction field
  6. Number of months will be the number of Months from March to the current period you are in
  7. Confirm that a Travel allowance was process, but no benefit transaction 6026 was added to the payslip.
  8. If Transaction Code 5501 Travel allowance was processed, please go to Process…Payslips and add in Transaction Code 6026.
  9. And Save the payslip.

NOTE: If you have processed 5501 for a number of months without processing the code 6026, we advise that you calculate the amount that needs to be processed on 6026 by taking all the previous values processed on 5501 into consideration. Every employee that has a travel allowance will have to submit their log book information upon doing their individual return, and if the correct value wasn’t processed on 6026 this employee might have to Pay in Tax after completing their individual return.