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Tax Reference Numbers

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Sage Pastel Payroll: How to add a Tax Number to an emloyee?


As from 1 March 2011 every employed person in South Africa must be registered as a Tax Payer regardless if they pay PAYE or not, or if they are South African on Forgein.  If an employee is already has a tax reference number the employer can obtain the tax number from the employee. Alternatively the employer may register the employee on both the [email protected] software and efiling website or at any SARS office.


To capture an employee’s tax reference number:

  1. Click on Edit, Employee Masterfiles. Once on the employee Masterfile screen, the search icon can be used to locate the desired employees Masterfile.
  2. On the employees Masterfile select the Tax tab.
  3. The employees tax reference number must be captured into the Tax Number field:
  4. Click the Save icon at the top of the Masterfile to complete the process.

NOTE: This exception is only a warning and Pastel Payroll will allow you to do your Year End process without having added your employee’s tax reference numbers. It will at no point stop you from processing your Year End, or from generating your IPR5/IT3a Export File. You will also be able to import into the [email protected] software without the Tax Reference number and continue your submission. However, the employer might be penalised by SARS if a submission was done where tax reference numbers are missing. For any queries regarding Tax Reference numbers contact SARS on 0800 00 7277.