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Parameters - Notification - Test Email

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Test Email on Sage 300 People


 Test Email


Step 1:

Log into Sage 300 People application with a Admin account.

Step 2:

Expand Parameters | Notifications | Mail server and then on the right complete SMTP details


Step 3:

Under Mail definition type make sure the default from matches the default from mail server settings for all codes 



Step 4:

Then send a test email to an employee in the organization

Step 5:

Then log into SQL Management Studio and on the People Database right click and select New Query


The login credentials for SQL can be obtained from the IT department. 

Step 6:

In the New Query window copy and execute below and send us results



SELECT TOP 1000 [MailID]















  FROM [People].[Notification].[Mail]


  order by DateCreated desc 


-------------END OF SCRIPT TO BE COPIED-------------