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Technical - SQL Database backup

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SQL Database backup on Sage 300 People


SQL Database backup


 Step 1:

Open SQL Server Management Studio

Step 2:

Complete SQL Login credentials

The login credentials for SQL can be obtained from the IT department.

Step 3:

Expand Databases and select the Database that needs to be backup

Sage 300 People default SQL database name might be different

  • People

Step 4:

Right-click on the Database you want to backup

Step 5:

Select Tasks and then Back Up..


Make sure of the following, the Backup type is set to Full and the Back up to is set on Disk.


 Step 6:

Click Remove and then Add.


Step 7:

Click the Browse button to select a required back up location and add Backup name

Step 8:

Complete the backup by pressing the Ok button


A Message will indicate if the backup was successful. Once successful click OK and then close SQL Management Studio.