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Bi-Annuals: How to generate IRP5/IT3(a) electronic certificate on Payroll for financial tax year submission

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How to export the IRP5/IT3(a) electronic certificate for Your Bi-Annual submissions for Sage Pastel Payroll.


NOTE: In order to export your electronic certificates for Bi-Annuals, you will have to be in any period from September to February. The Certificates will not export in August as August will need to be finalized for the export.

  1. Click on Utility...System Status and make you are in a period between September and February.
  2. Make sure that your Exception report is still clear.

    TIP: Always run the exception report immediately before generating the Electronic Certificates - if you don't the system will automatically tell you that there are employees excluded.

  3. Click on View, Statutory reports, IRP5/IT3a electronic certificate
  4. On the filter screen make sure that all employee's names are on the right-hand side (Under employees to process) and click OK
  5. In the first certificate number field, enter 10000001.
  6. Select the print Status as Final Print
  7. Select the drive you want to save it to (only files saved on the local disk C can be imported)
  8. Select a file destination in this drive to save your file to (It usually defaults to your company directory) and make sure you make a note of this location.

TIP: The file that gets created will be called IRP5.24 and will either be a .CSV or a .Txt file.

CAUTION: If you have more than one company in Payroll with the same PAYE number, it is important that you change the first certificate number for the companies that follow. As an Example, Company A, Company B, and Company C all 3 have the same PAYE number. You generate Company A with a first Certificate number of 10000001, Company B with a first certificate number of 20000001, and Company C with a first certificate number of 30000001.