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General - System Health Check

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System Health Check on Sage 300 People


On the Sage 300 People Landing Page, System Health warnings will appear. The System Health Checks inform users of issues as well as display system health information.
The following message types were added:

  • Information message (Green check icon)
  • Warning message (Exclamation icon)
  • Error message (Red cross icon)



Below follows a list of recent System Health Checks with solutions.


ALF Test Environment

 A script is needed to change the system’s ALF test environment to Live environment.  Please contact the Sage 300 People support desk.


ALF Code Expired

The message means you are operating outside of your Licence Agreement and need a new ALF code.
For more detail please click here



The message means your scheduled services that send information from and to Sage 300 People system and WebSS is not running.
Click here for a guide on how to Restart Scheduler.


Travel & Company Vehicle

Travel Allowances and Company Vehicle Fringe Benefits may not be taxed at 100%.  For a solution on how to make the changes to your system click here. 


Retirement Fund
This message indicates your retirement fund setup is incomplete and may lead to incorrect tax implications for employees. 
Click here to navigate to a retirement Reform Setup Checklist.



Pay Runs
Errors in roll-over may occur and lead to the ‘No Employee Pay Periods Defined’ error, Click here to navigate to a guide to resolve the error.



Invalid Payslip
Errors in roll-over may occur and lead to employee's with invalid Payslips, to correct the error a script needs to be run in your database.  Please contact the Sage 300 People support desk to arrange a backup for testing.