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Self Service - Setup- Notification Manager

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How send out email notifications during the cycle of a workflow process on Sage 300 People


The system has a function to send out email notifications during the cycle of a workflow process. An email notification is sent to inform an approver that there is a workflow item requiring his/her approval. The email notification will display the details of the workflow item as well as the details of the submitter. The progress of the workflow item will also be displayed at each step of the process.

The Notification Manager is set up to specify who should be notified during all the stages of workflow.


From Navigation pane

Expand      Self Service                                                                                                        

Select         Setup                                                                                                          

Expand       Notification Manager


Workflow Status options are pre-defined. The user cannot add, edit or delete any of the options.

On the Workflow Notification User Type List you have to select the users that must be notified about each Workflow Status. Multiple user types can be selected. These are the types on options available.




Indicates that no users should receive notifications


The Entity linked to the applicant will receive a notification.  It is usually the employee that will benefit from the change request


The Entity linked to the Submitter will be notified. This is the user that initiates the change request in ESS.

Nominated Approver:

The Entity linked to the Nominated Approver will be notified.  This is usually set up by an approver by means of the “Out of Office” settings. Here the workflow item is assigned to both the original approver and the nominated approver.


The ESS Administrator’s email address defined on the Workflow Configuration screen will be used to notify the ESS Administrator.

Current Assigned Approver

The step approvers assigned to the current step will be notified. This will be all the approvers part of the approver group defined on the step. This excludes nominated approvers.

Actioned Approver

The last actioned approver will be notified.  Usually this will be the same person as the assigned approver, but may be someone else in the case of optional approvers, or where the Administrator performs a task

All Previous Actioned Approver

The approvers that actioned the item on the steps prior to the current one will be notified. Last actioned Entities are those that performed an action on the step

All Previous Assigned Approver

The previous approvers assigned to steps prior to the current one will be notified.  These do not include Nominated Approvers and Escalation Approvers.

First Assigned Approver

Approvers assigned to the first step of the process will be notified

Next Assigned Approver

Approvers for the next step in the sequence of steps will be notified

Escalate From Approver

The approvers of the step where escalation rules are set up will be notified. This may be the original step of subsequent escalation steps that escalate again

Escalate To Approver

The approvers on the escalation step will be notified.

Reassigned From Approver

The approver who reassigns the item at the time will be notified. The Administrator can also reassign items, but the role-player will still get the notification.

Reassigned To Approvers

The approver to which the item is reassigned will be notified.


The user can enter any email address to which the relevant Notification must be sent.  This field will be enabled where the Workflow Notification User Type List is Notify by Email has been flagged. This is used when another person should be notified other than the selected approver types.