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How do I capture and complete a manual tax calculation?

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Steps on how to compete a manual tax calculation on Sage VIP Classic, Sage VIP Premier or Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional.


A manual tax calculation will allow you to confirm the calculation in your payroll application.


Access an employees TAX screen to view the tax calculation:

From the Main Menu:

  • Payroll
  • Payslip Screen
  • Select the employee code
  • Type in TAX in the routing block to access the TAX screen or from the screen menu select Payroll > Tax > Tax Information

The screen will display the details of the current calculation applied on your payslip. For more details on the calculation, click on TAX CALC

TIP: The TAX CALC screen provides detailed information and the medical aid tax credit, not visible on the TAX screen

Download the manual PAYE calculator (Travel and Tax calculator) on the Sage Knowledgebase for the applicable tax year.

NOTE: The RSA tax tables are updated each tax year in March, please ensure that you are accessing the correct tax calculator.

Complete the fields as indicated in the Excel calculator.

Each field which must be completed on the Excel PAYE calculation will correspond with the relevant field on the employee’s Tax Screen.