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Employment Equity: How to print the Equity Reports

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You require assistance with Employment Equity on the payroll and how to print the Equity Reports on Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional


The Equity Module comes standard with four reports containing all the information necessary for Equity reporting. The Equity Exception Report provides a list of the employees with incomplete Equity information entered.

To access the Equity Reports, from the Main Menu:
Click on Equity
Click on Employment Equity Reports
Select applicable report



Equity Detail Report

Below is an example of the information the report generates:


On this report you need to look at the line where there are employees with mandatory fields:



Equity Exception Report

This report generates very similar information to the Equity Detail Report:



Employee Equity Declaration

This report prints out each employee on a page to hand out so they can confirm their particulars and return back to you:



Employment Equity Report

We have a separate article that discusses this report as this is the report you will print to generate your Equity Report information to use of the Equity Submission. To access that article, click here.

The print screens inserted in the articles might vary slightly from the system you are currenlty using. Sage 200c VIP, Sage Classic, Sage Premier and Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional have many product similarities. If necessary product specific print screens will be used, alternatively, any system's print screens will be used where the product feature is the same for all products.