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Employment Equity: How to do an Equity General Recalculation

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You require assistance with doing an Equity Recalculation on Sage200c VIP, Sage Classic, Sage Premier and Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional


In this article we will guide you on how to perform a recalculation on of the Equity values by doing a global recalculation.


The Equity General Recalculation will ensure that all Equity History Screens are activated and prevent unnecessary errors on the Equity Report.

There is no need for you to enter through each Employee’s Equity History Screen manually before you run the Equity Report.

To access the Equity General recalculation, from the Main Menu:
Click on Equity
Click on Equity General Recalc

An onscreen message will confirm if you want to proceed to recalculate all history information, click 'Yes'.

NOTE: When the Equity General Recalculation has been run, it will be recorded on the Audit Trail and Audit Logger file.