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Employment Equity: How to setup the Numerical Goals and Targets

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You need assistance with Employment Equity and setting up the Numerical Goals and Targets on Sage200c VIP, Sage Classic or Sage Premier


Numerical Plans are split into two:

  • Numerical Goals to be reached at the end of the Equity Period, e.g. October 2016 – October 2020, and
  • Numerical Targets to be reached at the end of a specific year of the five year period, e.g. October 2019.

Separate plans are required for employees with disabilities, except for the Income Differentials Report where employees with disabilities are included.

A total of two Numerical Plans must be submitted; the Numerical Goal Plan and the Numerical Target Plan, broken down into the following criteria:

  • Numerical Goal Plan (for all employees), per Occupational Level;
  • Numerical Target Plan (for all employees), per Occupational Level;

In addition to the grouping mentioned above, within each Occupational Level or Occupational Category, employees are further grouped according to Gender and Equity Group.

In this article we will discuss how to create the Numerical Goal Plans.


To access the Numerical Goal and Targets, from the Main Menu:
Click on Equity
Click on Numerical Goal Plans

  • Enter a Plan Number and select Yes to add it


  • Enter the Plan Date and Plan Description, press tab and select the companies that should be included in the Workforce Profile. The user will be required to enter their password in order to include a company.


  • Enter until you get to the screen below


Field  Description
Plan Number This is a unique, 4 digit number you assign to the plan. When the standard Equity Reports are printed, you will be prompted to enter this plan number.
Plan Date Only the Month and Year have to be entered here. This will be the date by which the company wants to achieve the Numerical Goal set in the Equity Plan. A company is not allowed to plan more than 5 years ahead for Equity purposes.
Description This must be a meaningful description that will enable you to recognise the plan at a later stage. For example, Company 163 - All Employees, or, Zero Plan - Company 163.
Company Here you select the companies to be included in this Equity Plan. Every time a company is chosen from the list provided, the VIP System will ask for the password to enable you to include that specific company. A company can be included in more than one plan!
Workplace It is not mandatory to enter a Workplace and this field will only be used if the company reports separately for every Workplace defined. A separate plan for each Workplace must then be defined.
Province It is not mandatory to enter a Province and this field will only be used if the company reports separately for every Province. A list with the 9 Provinces of South Africa will be displayed. If the company does not report per Province, select “Not Used”. If the company reports per Province a separate plan for each Province must be defined.

This is a mandatory field and the Industry in which the company operates must be entered here.



  • Complete the Numerical Goals and Numerical Targets for this plan:

Numerical Goals


Numerical Target