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How will I get support on the SARS [email protected] software and submission?

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This is a guideline on who can assist with the RSA SARS [email protected]/eFiling submission process


The article provides a guideline on who is responsible to assist you with the submission steps and processes.


Contact details for the South African Revenue Services (SARS):

Phone number: 0800 00 SARS (7277)


Step  To Do  Who can Assist
 1  Make a database backup of SARS [email protected]  SARS
 2  Restoring a database in SARS [email protected]  SARS
 3  Downloading or installing [email protected] software or assisting with any technical errors as, a result of the download  SARS
 4  Adding or changing passwords on SARS [email protected]  SARS
 5  Verify all relevant data on your payroll, e.g. basic company information, personal, details of employees, etc.  Sage
 6  Correct export validation errors (test run, live run)  Sage
 6  Export IRP5 file from payroll software (test run, live run)


 7  Correct import file validation errors


 8  Cancel certificates on SARS [email protected]

 Sage, SARS [email protected]

 9  Capture manual certificates on [email protected]


 10  Revise/restate EMP201 values on eFiling


 11  Complete the EMP501 Declaration on SARS [email protected]le


 12  Submit EMP501 electronically via SARS [email protected]/eFiling


 13  Generate IRP5/IT3(a) certificates via PDF


 14  Resubmission of previous tax years

 Sage, consultation only (click here to book)

 15   Any SARS eFiling related enquiries