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Report Writer/Reports-Documents Layouts/Exporting/Printing: 'Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset’ report/document printing error

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Learn how to fix the 'Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset’ report/document printing error in Sage 200 Evolution.


The following type of error message may display when printing any kind of report or source document e.g. Invoice, GRV etc.

In this case an Inventory Invoice is being printed.




The following steps explain how to resolve the abovementioned query:

1. The above error may especially be relevant when the Evolution company has recently been upgraded e.g. from Evolution version 7 to 9

2. In addition, the specific report or source document layout may be customised and includes formulae referring to tables’ or views’ names that have been changed in the newly upgraded version of Evolution.

3. To resolve this error, the user should therefore re-customise the layout and ensure the currently tables/views names are used (in e.g. any kind of calculation/formulae).

Using a specific case study to further explain:

1. The following customised formulate, to calculate the total item weight of all invoice transaction lines, has been included in the layout before the company was upgraded to the new version:

 Value := plInventory['uiIIMass'] * plInvLines['fQtyLastProcess'

2. When the company was however upgraded and the invoice printed, the above error message was displayed.

3. To correct this, the new formulae has therefore been changed (in accordance with Evolution version 9) as below and saved:

Value :=  plInventory['Mass'] *   plInvLines['fQtyLastProcess']