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Full Install - Sage Pastel Payroll

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This guide will assist you to update your Sage Pastel Payroll system using the full installation. This means that you can update to the latest version, irrespective of what version of Sage Pastel Payroll you are currently on.


This installation covers the full install, you can use this installation irrespective of what version of Pastel Payroll you are currently on.  This is also the installation to use if this is your first time installing.


  1. Log into our Download Manager
  2. The topmost line will always be the full install of the latest version which is currently 2025 Update 1a:
  3. Click on the Download Button for the Full installation of Pastel Payroll 2025 Update 1a
    If your Automatic Download feature isn't turned on, your browser will kindly prompt you with some options for what you'd like to do with this file. Just be sure to select either the "Save As" or "Save" option:
    1. Selecting Save As will allow you to select a directory to save the setup file to – We strongly advise using this option and downloading the setup file to your desktop.
    2. Selecting just Save will default to your usual preferred download directory (Usually the Download Folder in your directory)
  4. Your download has finished successfully! Now, to find the file, simply head over to the directory where the install file was saved (most likely your Desktop if you chose the 'Save As' option or your Downloads folder).
  5. Look for a file called Payroll2025Update1Setup.exe
  6. Right-click on this file and select Run as administrator
  7. The system will start loading the Installation Assistant and once it has completed space requirements, the Next button will become available, please click on Next:
  8. It is important that you read and understand the license agreement if you accept the terms of the license agreement, click the ‘I accept the terms of the license agreement option and then click on Next:
  9. The following screen will show a list of countries, it will automatically download to South Africa, you can click on Next:
  10. The following screen will show the destination folder, check the box for Install the Self Service database to this destination and click on next. Don’t change the install directory:
  11. Click on Install
  12. A progress indicator will display to track the installation. The screens during the installation wizard will change during installation and will show you different information regarding the package:
  13. Once the wizard has completed, the Installation Assistant completed screen will display, you can now click on finish:
  14.  Just open up your payroll software and navigate to the Help section. From there, click on "About" and you should see confirmation that you've successfully updated to the latest version.
  15. When opening your company, the system will ask you if you want to make a backup before converting files, please click on Yes to make this backup/
  16. You must run a legislative release in each company after updating to incorporate the changes.

 TIP: If you are experiencing an error when installing, please try one of the following:
- Check your Prerequisites to ensure all prerequisites have been installed.
- Try installing using this guide.
- If you are getting a 'Preparing for first use error' or a 'Windows system coordinator message' while installing on a Terminal server we will not be able to support you, however, a user has created Sage City Article. that you can use, if this is unsuccessful please reach out to your IT administrator for assistance.
- If you are experiencing an error 1310 or 1306 please reach out to your IT administrator to check your permissions on the machine and in the registry.