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What is the Basic Company Information Screen

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You require more information about what all the fields represent on the Basic Company Information Screen on Sage200c VIP, Sage Classic, Sage Premier or Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional


The Basic Company Information screen includes information such as Company Name, Address,
Company and Tax Registration Numbers, Payment Cycle, Bonus percentage, UIF percentages and Earnings Limit, Skills Development Levy information and Employment Tax Incentive company setup information.


To access the Basic Company Information screen:
Click on Company
Click on Basic Company Information

There are 5 tabs that require information. All fields with a blue back ground require information in order for the company to be created on the payroll. However, the information on these screens are also pupulated on e@syFile when importing the IRP5 file. Should any mandatory IRP5 information be missing, you will get validation erros when running the IRP5/IT3A report. Below we will discuss some of the fields.


Company Name

 The registered name of the company is entered here. This field is mandatory. The Company Name (for Reports) will print on all standard Reports as well as on the IRP5’s/IT3(a)’s. The shorter Company Name (for Screens) is displayed on the VIP screens only.

Company Status

Three options are available to choose from:

  • Live,
  • Dormant, and
  • History.

Click here to access the article 'How do I change the company status' for more information on what each status means.

Email Address

Company Registration Number

The Company Registration Number is entered here. It is used on various Statutory Reports.

Payment Cycle
The Payment Cycle specifies whether employees are to be paid weekly, monthly or bi-weekly. If you have employees who have different Payment Cycles, a separate company must be created for each Payment Cycle that you use. This field should not be changed during the Tax Year. The number of Pay Periods which you have chosen and the number of days per year will be displayed.

Tax Country
The Tax Country indicates the tax tables to be used for the company. If you have employees registered in different Tax Countries, you will have to set up a separate company for each Tax Country. You will only be able to select a Country for which you are licenced.

Tax Registration Number
The Company's Tax Registration Number is entered here and will be printed on the IRP5's/IT3(a)'s. Do not enter slashes. This field is mandatory for R.S.A. companies.

Enjoys Diplomatic Indemnity
If a company enjoys Diplomatic Indemnity, for example Embassies, it is important to b(tick) this box.

Last Allocated IRP5 Number
For R.S.A. companies the last IRP5 Number that was issued to an employee in the Previous Tax Year will be displayed here. If you have not done a live IRP5 Run, the last 5 characters will be ‘0’. The first three characters represent the Company Number.

Annual Bonus
This option is used if VIP’s Annual Bonus facility must calculate bonuses for your employees using the Basic Salary on the employee’s Increase screen. The Annual Bonus will be paid out according to the percentage specified here and in the Bonus month specified on each employee’s Basic Employee Information screen (IS).

Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)
For R.S.A. companies UIF is calculated automatically according to the percentages and Earnings Limit specified here. UIF contributions are based on Remuneration as defined in the Fourth Schedule to the Income Tax Act. The Contribution of 2% of Remuneration is payable in equal shares (i.e. 1% each by the employee and employer). The company’s UIF Registration Number must be entered on the Basic Company Information screen. 

CAUTION: When the UIF Earnings Limit or percentages change, it is your responsibility to update them on this screen in the applicable Period.

Skills Development Levy (SDL)
This is a compulsory levy scheme for the purpose of funding education and training as envisaged in the Skills Development Act, 1998. The SDL Number, Sector Education & Training Authority (SETA) name and percentage must be entered on the Basic Company Information screen.

Company Address

The Company Address entered here will print on the Employee Tax Certificates, e.g. the IRP5's/IT3(a)'s in R.S.A. All Address fields with a blue background must be completed. 


UIF and IRP5 contact details

These details will export to the UIF submit file and IRP5 file respectively.


If your company claims ETI, the ETI setup will have to be done on the Employment Tax Incentive tab. It is important that your setup is done correctly so that ETI values calculate correctly.