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How to print the ETI History Report

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You would like a report that will print the employee ETI information in Sage200c VIP, Sage Classic and Sage Premier


The ETI History report prints all the employee's ETI information to Excel. This information can be used to review the employee ETI information and also then used to import into the system again.


The ETI History Report records the following information per employee per month from the Employee ETI History Screen:

  • ETI Remuneration
  • Tax Incentive
  • ETI Adjustment
  • ETI Minimum Rate
  • ETI Actual Rate
  • Total Tax Incentive


To print this report, from the main screen of the company go to History>Reports>ETI History report.

The first screen will allow you to sort the report based on the predefined selections. If you do not want to make any selections, just click on Continue.


The second screen you can select:

Year – this is the calendar year and not tax year, so if you select 2020, it will print from January 2020 to December 2020

You can also include Terminations in the report should you wish to do so.


Click on Continue when you have finished the selections.

The report will open in Excel. If the data does not populate automatically make sure you click on Enable Content in Excel