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How do I print the EMP501 Reconciliation Report?

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You need assistance to print the EMP501 Reconciliation report which will assist you to reconcile your PAYE, UIF and SDL on Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional


The EMP501 Reconciliation report is the report used to reconcile your EMP201 figures with your payroll figures. The figures are exported into an Excel sheet which makes it very easy to reconcile when having to file the Interim or Annual returns to SARS.


From the main screen of the company go to History>Reports>EMP501 Reconciliation.


  • Select your Reconciliation Period: For the Interim Reconciliation, you will select March to August and for the Annual Submission you will select March to February.
  • Current / Multiple Companies: All companies with the same PAYE number can be included. The companies have to be in the same Pay Period.

Once selections have been made, click on Continue.

An onscreen message will indicate that the report is being generated. Once the report has been generated, it will either automatically start the download, if not, click on the 'Click here' to start the download process.


It will open your Windows Browser. Pay attention to the default location or folder where it is going to safe your file to, at this point you can browse to any folder of your choice. Then click on Save.

At the bottom left hand side of the page the zip file should display. You can click on it and will show 2 Excel files, EMP501_Summ and Emp501_Detail Detail:


This will open a recon sheet where you can capture the monthly values as processed on your EMP201 to ensure that your payroll values and submitted monthly EMP201 values reconcile



This will list the detail of each employee, per company