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How to add hours to the payslip

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You need assistance to display the hours the employee has worked on the payslip on Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional


Any input done on the payslip, hours worked for overtime, days paid for while on leave or reimbursive kilometers, can all be added to print on the payslip.

NOTE: This article is not applicable to User Defined Payslips.



In order to add the Hours Worked on the New Payslip, the Hours need to be set up, and selected on the Payslip Setup Screen.

Follow the steps below:

  • You need to confirm on which Hours Definition the Hours are stored that you would like printed on the payslip. This can be checked on the Method of Calculation set up for the specific Earning Line

From the Main Menu > Click on Payroll > Definitions > Methods of Calculation > Select the applicable Method > Edit

Select an applicable Method, for example the Overtime 1.5 Method. In this example, you will take note that the Hours will be stored to Hours/Decimal 02 when the input is done on the payslip. This refers to the Hours being stored to Hours Definition Line 02.


Click on Continue and Cancel until you get to the main screen of the company.

  • The Hours Definitions need to be set up in order for the correct Description to print on the Payslip for the Hours processed. From the Main Menu Click on Payroll > Definitions >Hours Definition

Change the descriptions so that it refers to the correct Earning Definition on the Payslips screen on the correct Hours Definitions Line. Double Click on the 'Link to Line' block and select the earning that should be linked to the hours line.





Click on Save when all applicable lines have been setup correctly.

  • Once the Hours Definitions has been set up, this needs to be linked to the Payslip Setup. From the Main Menu> Click on Reports > Payslip setup > Edit payslip 
  • Select the Hours Tab. Double Click on ‘Earning/Deductions’ to link the applicable Hours to the relevant line. Double Click on ‘No’ in the ‘List on Payslip’ column to change it to a ‘Yes’. Give the line the applicable name, as you would like it to display on the payslip


Click on Save when all applicable lines have been defined.

If you now select to print a payslip with hours and balances, the respective hours will reflect on the payslip as well.


Below is a video on the process to add the hours worked to print on the new payslip