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Pay Period Update

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If you have completed your processing in a period on Sage Pastel Payroll and want to roll over to the new period/month you will have to do a Pay Period Update from the one period into the following one.


In order to do your Pay Period Update, all of your employees will need to have a status of Processed - so a successful payroll run would have needed to be completed for them before hand.


CAUTION: The only way to reverse this process is to restore a backup.  It is crucial that you ensure that you have a backup before attempting this process.

  1. Click on Process
  2. Click on Pay Period update
  3. Click Next on the Pay Period Update Overview screen
  4. Click OK on the below message regarding bank transfers:
  5. Select the pay frequency(s) that you want to move into the next period:
  6. Once you have made your selections click on Next
    1. After clicking on next, the system should force you to make an  backup if it sees that you didn't do a backup immediatly before this process (unless you have unchecked this function)
    2. Click OK on the 'A backup must be done before the pay period update message'
    3. The backup assistant will now display, select your prefered directory and continue with the backup process
  7. After the backup is complete, you will be on the Confirm Operation screen, click Process
  8. The system will now start your roll over process. 
    This might take some time, depending on your computer speed and number of employees - please be patient and do not end the task, even if Payroll says "Not Responding"
  9. Once the operation is complete you will have to click on Finish