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How to access a Tax Year-end Instance

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You have created your tax year-end instance and need guidance on how to access it on Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional


When you complete a Start New Period from the current tax year into the new tax year, the system will create a separate Tax Year-end Instance, which you can access at a later stage to complete your Tax-year-end processes and submissions.


  • Under Actions (…) on the subscription landing page, select Tax Year End Management


NOTE: Should you do not see the above option, press F5 to refresh your browser.


  • The Tax Year-End Instance menu will display all tax years where year-end instances have been copied/created, and the months in which companies had year-ends will be listed as individual instances
  • You can access the instance by clicking on the Launch button

NOTE: If you have multiple tax countries in your Live Payroll, multiple instances for specific months (as at year-end) will become available within specific tax years when copied. These instances will only contain the specific companies as at year-end.