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Validation Error: "Reimbursive travel 3702/3703 without an RT transaction"

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How to resolve the validation error Reimbursive travel 3702/3703 without an RT transaction on Sage200c VIP, Sage Classic, Sage Premier


You are generating the IRP5 files for either the Annual or Interim SARS Submission and instead of creating the IRP5 files the system informs you there is mandatory information outstanding. A report will then print with a list of errors and this error is in the report.


  • The error message indicates there is a value on the payslip (PS) screen, but no transaction on the RT screen.
  • You will need to investigate to determine what is correct - is the value on the payslip incorrect, or if there should be a transaction on the RT screen
  • The solution would be to delete and take-on the amounts, if required, for the values to balance
  • For guidance on how to do a take-on for reimbursive travel, click here.

NOTE: There are instances where corrections result in a significant increase in an employee's tax. The cause of this is due to an incorrect increase in the employee's YTD earnings. To correct this, simply access the employee's History (HS) Screen, on the earnings tab, remove the salary for any month between March and February (must be a month that forms part of the tax year), exit the HS screen, go back and put the salary amount back as it was, exit the screen and the employee's tax should return back to normal.