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Company Copying: How to perform a Selective Copy Company routine

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In this article we explain how to create a new Sage 200 Evolution company without transactions by using the Selective Copy Company procedure.


This article explains how to perform a Selective Copy Company routine by using an existing company database.

Note that a Selective Copy Company procedure will create a new company with no transaction history, except for the Fixed Assets module where all transaction history will also be copied over.


The following steps explain the selective copy company procedure:

1. Ensure all users are logged out of the company being copied.

2. Navigate to Administration | System Tools | Copy company.


3. Enter the name of the new company that will be created by the copy process.  


4. Click the Options tab and choose Selective Copy


5. On the screen above, select the fields that you would like to copy over to the new company that will be created.

6. Then click on Next and follow the rest of the wizard screens to create the new company.