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How to print the EMP501 from Sage Business Cloud Payroll (SBCP)

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This guide will assist you to print your EMP501 from your Sage Business Cloud Payroll (SBCP) system.


Part of the Mid Year submission process is the generating of your EMP501


NOTE: Our video can be watched here.

TIP: If you are doing the EMP501 for Year End Purposes, we advise that you revert back to your previous year.

From your Sage Business Cloud Payroll (SBCP) homescreen:

  1. Click on Reports
  2. Click on Tax Reconciliation
  3. Click on EMP501
  4. Click on the drop down and select if you want to print it for Year End or for Mid Year.
  5. Click on Preview 

The following message will appear in the top right of the screen "Please note that this is a preliminary report to assist in the reconciliation process. Final reports will be generated along with the tax certificate submission”  this is just to notify you that this is not the final EMP501 report, and you will still need to complete your submission in order to generate your final reports.