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Import Certificates into E@syfile

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How to import the Tax certificate generated from Sage Business Cloud Payroll into the SARS E@syfile system.


  1. Open your E@syfile application, put your Username and Password to log in
  2. Select your company profile and open it.
  3. Click on Import/Export Payroll file
  4. Click Import Payroll File
  5. You will get a message stating only files saved on the local disc will be able to be imported,  click OK.
  6. Browse to the location in your local disk where you saved your electronic certificate (it is usually in the Downloads folder on your PC)
  7. Select TYE_2024.txt file and click OPEN

    CAUTION: This file is in the correct format for importing.  Please do not change the file type, or alter this file in anyway

  8. Click OK
  9. Wait until the progress indicator is done, It will tell you whether the file has Passed successfully, Passed Validation with warnings or has failed:
    1. Passed Successfully – Click on OK to Continue
    2. Passed Validation with Warnings – The warnings are usually due to the Tax reference numbers that are missing. Click on OK to continue.  To check the Warnings, you can navigate to Utilities, Import Payroll File log.  Click on the latest file for a list of warnings.
    3. Failed – Click on OK to Continue. Navigate to Utilities, Import Payroll File log.  Click on the latest file and click on the Error tab.  You can export this tab and email it, along with the TYE_2024 file through to [email protected] for assistance on how to correct it. 
  10. After you have imported, we advise that you Edit your Employer screen. Under Employer Admin, View/Edit/Change. Click on the Edit Employer option and the bottom of the screen and fill in all the fields.  (Refer to the E@syfile Guide)

NOTE: If you need more information in regards to the importing the TYE_2024 file, you can refer to page 26-30 of the E@syfile guide.   After the file has imported successfully we can’t assist you further with your E@syfile processing.  For assistance on doing your declaration you can refer to page 36-44 of the E@syfile Guide.