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How do I perform the final Bank Reconciliation?

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How to perform the final Bank Reconciliation during your Year End process


Payments and receipts can be processed via one or more bank accounts.

These bank accounts can be reconciled against the bank statement if you wish to.

The reconciliation process does not affect any values on Sage Accounting, and its use is optional.

Match each payment and receipt that was entered into Sage Accounting against a physical bank statement.

This helps to ensure that the amounts are correct.

The reconciliation process helps you to know the values of the cheques that are not yet in the bank statement, so that the cash flow can be planned.


Read the below instructions or alternatively watch the step by step video below.

The bank reconciliation takes into account all payments, receipts and other transfers that were entered.

This includes customer receipts, supplier payments and other account transactions.

Follow these steps to reconcile the banks and credit cards in Sage Accounting

  • Click on the Banking… Transactions… Reconcile Banks and Credit Cards menu.
  • The following screen will be displayed:


From the Bank Account drop down menu, select the bank account you wish to reconcile.

Select the dates you wish to reconcile in the From Date and To Date calendar look up fields.

A list of all the unreconciled transactions will display in the transaction fields.


If you want to reconcile a transaction, tick the Reconciled tick box.

Once all the transactions are reconciled, click on the Save button.

Repeat this process for your other bank accounts