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Generate the UIF Declaration

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How to you generate your UIF Declaration in Sage Business Cloud Payroll.


The UIF file must be submitted to the Department of Labour at the end of each month. They require the information in this file in order to keep track of contributions made and they also use this information in order to calculate any benefits payable to employees. If you submit this file, there is no need to complete manual UI19 forms or to capture the contributions manually on uFiling on a monthly basis.


TIP: Watch our video here.

NOTE: The UIF Declaration can only be submitted for the month you are currently in.

From the Home Screen on your Browser

  1. Click on UIF Declaration
  2. The above screen will appear
  3. Confirm all the information on screen is correct - Especially the email address, a copy of the declaration will be emailed to this address.
  4. Make necessary selections for ‘type of run’:
    1. Live Run - when you are satisfied with all processing and want to submit actual figures
    2. Test Run - we you are not yet satisfied and want to view the other reports
  5. Select the Run for date
  6. Select the cycles to be included
  7. Select Submit UIF
  8. Click on Yes on the Prompt
  9. Click OK on the Send Successful screen
  10. Click on the UIF Submission Report and Save it to PDF

TIP: When you click on Submit, the UIF file will automatically be e-mailed to the Department of Labour and the email address filed in on the screen will be CC’d in the e-mail  These details are pulled from the UIF Contact Person section of the Company Details screen.

TIP: Make sure that you stay on track by watching our video here: