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How to do a take-on for reimbursive travel?

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This article will explain how to reprocess the YTD transactions for reimbursive travel on Sage200c VIP, Sage VIP Classic or Sage VIP Premier.


There are various errors that could populate if the reimbursive travel transactions and the financial value on the payslip do not reconcile YTD. This could require that the transactions be deleted and a take-on done.


  NOTE: Prior to Release 5.7a, the VIPSD (Service Desk) password was required to be able to delete transactions. As from Release 5.7a, any user with access to the Reimbursive Travel (RT) screen on the Payslip (PS) screen is able to delete Year-to-date (YTD) transactions for an employee

CAUTION: Deleting the Year-to-date (YTD) Reimbursive Travel (RT) transactions, will remove the transactions from the employee's payslip, 12 month report and History Report.

  1. Prior to deleting the transactions, please print the Reimbursive Travel report.
  2. From the Main Menu of a company: History > Reports > Reimbursive Travel
  3. Print all months and choose to include terminations. This report will list all transactions needed for the take-on.
  4. Select to access the Payslip screen of the employee then click on the RT button. Then click on the Delete button and you will have an option to delete all transactions. After all transactions have been deleted for all employees, proceed to load each transaction again, as per the Reimbursive Travel report.
  5. Capture the transactions on the payslip scren by clicking in the amount column on the Reimbursive travel line, or by capturing the transactions on the actual RT screen.
  6. Remember to load a contra entry as a deduction to offset the take-on amount as you do not want to pay the employee for these transactions again.

NOTE: Our Support Team can only assist users with deleting the transactions and will not assist with the take-on process. If you require assistance with the take-on, you will need to book a consultation with a Sage Business Partner Consultant.

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