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How do I make a Full System Backup?

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Follow the steps in this article to make a full system backup in Sage VIP Classic and Premier Payroll.


When selecting to make a Full System Backup, this option will make a backup of everything in the VIP directory, including sub folders within the VIP directory. When we refer to making a Full System Backup in any of our Installation Instruction Notes, this is the option to use.


  1. From the main screen of the company go to Utilities > Backup > Full System Backup


  2. From Directory: This will show the location where your system is installed
  3. To Directory: If you have not specified a default folder under Company > Miscellaneous > Miscellaneous 3, this will be blank and required you to browse to the folder where you would like to save your backups to. As a safety measure, always browse to the location to ensure it still exists.
    • Backup File Name: They system automatically allocates a name to the backup.
    • FULL – this indicates the backup is for the full directory
    • 20200229 – that is the period for which you are making the backup
    • 20200122 – that is the date on which the backup was made
    • 1247 – that is the time the backup was made
    • R53b – that is the Release the backup was when it was made
    • We do not recommend changing the name of the backups as leaving it in this format will make it easy for you to find it
  4. Click on Continue and an onscreen message will confirm the location of your backup. To confirm the location just select Yes


  5. A black DOS screen will appear which indicates the backup process has started
  6. Do not close the screen or interrupt the process
  7. An onscreen message will confirm once the backup process has been successful

NOTE: Should the backup process fail, follow the resolution guidelines provided here


Click here to watch a short video on the process to make a full system backup.